Secret Jardin DF16 Extractor Fan T° 150/250/350 m3/h – 90/150/210 cfm

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Secret Jardin DF16 Extractor Fan


Description Designed to clip on to our DUCTING FLANGE system, it takes less than 5 seconds to assemble without any tools. Use it in combination with our DF16 filter for optimal assembly! This product includes temperature control functions (T°, Max/min extractor speed) and 2 thermal sensors (onboard or external) depending on the size of your grow space.
Included * Extractor DF16E350
* Adaptor DF16 Ring
* 2nd Thermal Sensor (external)
* 24V Power Supply
* UE - UK - US Adaptor ( 100% Compatible )
Technology * EC MOTOR
* Max/Min AirFlow
Reference DF16E350
Weight 1.5kg
Dimensions 25cm x 25cm x 21cm
Module Power Consumption : 35 W
Voltage : 24 V
Current : 1.5 A
Power Supply Cable & Plugs 24V Cable : 240cm
110V-220V Cable : 60cm
Voltage : 110-220 V
Frequence : 50/60 Hz

Plug : C (UE) - G (UK) - A (US)
Temperature Working
Min : 0°C
Max : 40°C

Min : -20°C
Max : 60°C
Noise * Ext Max 150m3/h : 36 dB
Ext Max 250m3/h : 54 dB
Ext Max 350m3/h : 61 dB

* Extractor & Filter in the grow tent. Measurement taken 70cm in front of the grow tent.
Raw Materials Enclosure made of flame resistant polyamide reinforced with glass fiber (PA66 + 15%GF V0).