Secret Jardin DF16 Carbon Filter CTC80 150m3/h - 90 cfm

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Secret Jardin DF16 Carbon Filter

Description Designed to clip on to our DUCTING FLANGE system, it takes less than 5 seconds to assemble without any tools. Use it in combination with our DF16 Extractor for optimal assembly! Our DF16 Filter are full filled with CTC80 carbon and are equipped with a pre-filter.
Reference DF16F150
Weight 1.5kg
Dimensions 22.5cm x 13cm
Carbon Type : CTC-80
Diam. : 3mm
Weight : 1.0kg
Carbon bed thickness : 3cm
Set up Tent ref. : DS60
Vol : 0.6m3
Max Ext. : 150m3/h
Air Flow measured * With DF16E350 Extractor at 150m3/h max potentiometer value.

Ext. alone :
Cycle/min : 4,5

Ext + Filter :
Cycle/min : 2,4

Ext + Filter + Light Baffle :
Cycle/min : 1,9

* Cycle / min: The number of times the volume of air in the tent will be renewed per minute.