NPK RAW Cane Molasses

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RAW Cane Molasses is a highly concentrated, water Soluble micronized molasses that gives all the benefits of Liquid Molasses without all the mess. The smallest 2oz package of RAW Cane Molasses is equivalent to 1 gallon of liquid molasses which makes it easier to transport. Cane Molasses is an excellent source of carbon energy (food) for beneficial microbes. RAW Cane Molasses is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules. 

Works in conjunction with all nutrient and feeding programs.

 A 2 oz package of RAW Cane Molasses makes up to 200 gallons, an 8 oz package makes up to 800 gallons and a 2 lb package makes up to 3200 gallons. RAW = soluble.


NPK RAW Cane Molasses - SDS