Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree (Shindeshojo)

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Shindeshojo' produces the best Crimson Red Spring foliage color of any of the Japanese Maples in cultivation produced via graft. Foliage retains that good red color for at least a month before gradually fading to reddish-green & finally green by summer! Leaves finally turn interesting shades of red & orange in fall. Bark is reddish brown. Deciduous, keep outdoors. Will have no foliage during winter months.

  • 41 years old, 20" X 26" X 31" tall.
  • Recommended outdoor deciduous bonsai tree.
  • Potted in a 17" brown oval mica container. Suitable humidity/drip tray 
  • one of a kind tree
  • May be shipped with no foliage during autumn and winter.