Dwarf Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree (acer palmatum 'kiyohime yatsubusa')

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Rare Dwarf Japanese Maple in the 'Yatsabusa' group. Slow growing with small leaves that have a soft delicate texture. Lots of twiggy branches. Leaves have a thin purple/pink edge in the spring, turning glossy and dark green with red margins by summer. Yellow to orange fall color. Most desirable for bonsai. Deciduous, keep outdoors.

  • 57 years old, 20" x 25" x 24" tall
  • Outdoor deciduous bonsai tree
  • Potted in a 12" brown rectangle mica container. Suitable humidity/drip tray
  • one of a kind tree
  • May be shipped with mature, turning and transitioning foliage in late summer (August), this is a normal, annual process as the tree prepares for dormancy. May be shipped with no foliage during autumn and winter. Tree will emerge from dormancy and re-grow foliage in early Spring.