Bootstrap Farmer Donny Green's Gold Standard 1020 Shallow Microgreens Trays | With Holes

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Donny Green's Gold Standard 1020 Shallow Microgreens Trays LIMITED EDITION

Bootstrap Farmer, the creator of the best microgreen trays on the market, teamed up with Microgreens Farmer & Educator Donny Greens for the Gold Standard Tray. Enjoy these thoughtfully created, green heavy-duty shallow microgreen trays swirled with flakes of gold color. This two-tone tray is a first of its kind and has limited availability. 

Celebrated for his educational content and common sense approach to building a successful microgreens farm business, Donny brings his personality and favorite colors to his preferred Bootstrap Farmer microgreen trays, the 1020 shallow with and without holes.

Donny’s urban lifestyle, love of the cityscape, and artistic style add a new feel to the heavy-duty microgreen trays you have grown to love and trust. 


  • Extra Thick, (1.8-2.0 mm) BPA Free Food Safe #5 PP Plastic
  • Built to last you many years, saving you the cost and headache of reordering your microgreen trays
  • Look great on social media platforms, at the farmer's market, or in any growing space.
  • They are perfect for microgreens, wheatgrass, and fodder systems both in hydroponic and soil-grow environments.
  • Outer dimensions are 21" x 10¾" x 1¼" to fit any standard 1020 flat
  • Inner bottom dimensions: 19¾" x 9½"
  • USA Manufactured
  • Cutout on sides for easy lift for bottom-watering. Please note that we recommend using trays of the same depth when nesting trays.

Multi-color microgreen tray in bright tractor green swirled with gold-colored flakes.