9Yr Flowering Weeping Cherry Bonsai Tree

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This is the 9-year flowering weeping cherry bonsai tree– a rare botanical plant that graces your space with cascading pink and white flowers not once but three times a year, each bloom lasting for weeks. Standing proudly at a majestic height of 10-13 inches, this bonsai tree is an indoor beauty that transforms your surroundings into a blooming paradise. What's more, after the enchanting flowering season concludes, this indoor bonsai cherry tree rewards you with yummy cherries, adding a touch of sweetness to your living space.

Height: 10-13 inches tall

Age: 9 years old.

Flowers: Pink and Yellow. Both at same time.

Fruit. Cherries will be produced after flowering ends.

Level: Beginner

Location: Near window

How to Take Care of Flowering Cherry Bonsai Tree

Perfect for beginners and seasoned plant enthusiasts, this weeping cherry tree bonsai comes elegantly presented in a glazed pot, radiating charm from the moment it arrives. Its preference for a wet to semi-wet environment makes it an easy-to-maintain addition to your collection. The optimal growth of a flowering cherry bonsai tree is achieved when placed near a window but shielded from direct sunlight, allowing this meticulously nurtured tree to showcase its vibrant green leaves, blossoms, and fruit tips throughout the year.

To ensure the longevity and health of your indoor cherry bonsai tree, we recommend our specially formulated green-up fertilizer be applied monthly, complemented by a humidity tray for consistent moisture. Watering is a critical aspect of care, and this cherry bonsai tree indoors grows when kept consistently wet, promising a flourishing and resilient addition to your home or garden.

Watering: Likes to be wet to semi wet

Fertilizer: Purchase our green up fertilizer. Once a month you will fertilize the tree.

Your Unique Piece of Nature, Guaranteed Satisfaction

With only approximately 18 of this exceptional cherry bonsai tree for sale available in stock, you'll receive the exact specimen showcased, each a testament to our dedication to quality. Some of these trees may even be ready to flower and fruit upon arrival, offering you an immediate display of natural beauty.

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