Is It Good Feng Shui to Have an Indoor Water Fountain?

Is It Good Feng Shui to Have an Indoor Water Fountain?

Water fountains are gorgeous to look at and can also be very relaxing and give a home or office a certain type of atmosphere. Water fountains are often used in the art of feng shui. Learn more with Bonsai World LLC now!


What is Feng Shui?


 Feng shui is a form of ancient Chinese art that encompasses the rearranging or arranging of furniture, buildings, space, and other objects to create a harmonious and balanced environment. The word feng shui means "the way of the wind and water." While it has roots in Taoism, it is extremely popular today throughout the world, including the United States.


Water Fountains and Feng Shui


As stated above, feng shui encompasses both wind and water. It is fine to place a water fountain or other water feature within a feng shui-inspired room, house, or additional space.


A water fountain can create a very harmonious and balanced environment. The trickling sound of water soothes some people and can help them relax as they release the stress of the day.


A water fountain is also a great way to add a water element into your space which can help interject peace and tranquility into your life. There are many aspects to a water fountain that you can create for your environment. For instance, water can be deep and still, or it can be flowing and ever-changing. The aspects of calm, still water have been connected to increasing intuition, insight, and even wisdom. Flowing and ever-changing water can represent how you connect with the world and even interact with others. This means that by adding a water fountain to your space, you invite more wisdom into it or even expand your social interactions.


Flowing water like you would get with a water fountain feature in your space has long been associated with abundance, wealth, and even cash flow when it comes to Feng shui. If your goal is to bring more of these elements into your life, there are a few key areas of your home where it may be best to place a water fountain.


One of the main goals of feng shui is to change the flow of qi within your space, which encompasses ensuring that it can move about freely. Qi, also known as Chi, means energy in all things, including people and objects. Qi that cannot flow will become stagnant, which means we can become very stuck in our lives. The constant movement of water from a water fountain is helpful to stir up the qi within your home.


Placements of Water Fountains


Placement is number one in importance when it comes to Feng shui. This means that placing a water fountain in your home is very important. A water element such as a water fountain can boost the qualities you need in your career and life for success.


You can place a water fountain in a feng shui area with a wood element. Water feeds the wood, and plants and trees need water to grow and thrive. To support wealth and abundance, you should place a water fountain in the area filled with wooden elements.


By placing a water fountain or bird bath near the entrance of your home, you are also encouraging cash flow and wealth. The front entrance of your home is called the mouth of the qi. This is because the front door is where opportunities and other energy can enter our homes and lives. The water in your water fountain needs to flow up and then down. If the water is only flowing in one particular direction, it should be flowing towards the inside of your home. This will encourage money to flow into your life rather than out of it.


Different Types of Water Fountains


There are many different types of water fountains that you can choose from. Keep in mind that you should consider what type of material your water fountain is made of and how you can relate that to the five elements of the earth. A metal fountain is a good option if you want to bring more qualities into your life, such as organization and joy. If you want to be more stable and grounded, you'll enjoy more earth energy coming into your home, so you should choose a stone or ceramic fountain.


You can also choose from various sizes and shapes of water fountains. Some fountains sit on a table, and larger ones sit on the floor. You should remember to choose a fountain that you will love and looks great in your house while bringing you the good qualities you want.


The Water Fountains of Bonsai World


Bonsai World, LLC offers an array of different sizes and types of fountains made from a variety of different materials. The Eternity water fountain is made of stone and ceramic and is a larger fountain, while the company offers a variety of indoor water fountains that sit on table tops. The desktop waterfall fountain is an excellent option for your home office or dining room area, while the metal fountain with duck is a great option for those who want to bring in a metal element versus a stone or ceramic.


Bonsai World LLC has the water features you want if you are searching for the perfect water fountain for your feng shui home or other space. Order online today and have the perfect fountain delivered quickly and easily to your door.

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