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Does a Tabletop Fountain Increase Humidity?

Many people experience very dry and cracked lips and dry skin during the winter months. This is because the heat inside the house causes a drop in humidity. Increasing the humidity inside your home or office is best to prevent dry skin and lips. While humidifiers work well to put humidity in a room, so do indoor water fountains. They also beautify your room while creating a very peaceful and serene environment.

Most people aim to keep their home or office healthy and free of mold or too much moisture. There are several ways to increase the humidity in your home or office without it being too much and resulting in mold growth. One of the best ways to keep humidity levels high enough to prevent dry skin, lips, and hair, is to install an indoor tabletop water fountain, also known as a tabletop wellspring or water feature.

Read on for more information about the use of indoor water fountains to prevent these types of issues from the dry heat that forms during the winter months.

Can an Indoor Water Fountain Increase Humidity in Your House or Office?

The answer to the question of whether an indoor water fountain can increase humidity in your house or office is a resounding yes, but there are many things to consider. A tabletop water fountain can increase humidity in a small area, but the amount of humidity it adds will depend on factors such as the size of the fountain, how much water it uses, and the humidity level of the surrounding indoor environment.

As a tabletop water fountain releases water into the air, it will increase the level of dampness in the immediate area. This is very good for indoor conditions with a low humidity level, particularly throughout the cold winter months when indoor heating dries out the air. The additional moisture from an indoor water fountain can help fend off issues with dry skin and lips, sore throats, and even respiratory issues, including the common cold.

With the increase in humidity brought about by a tabletop water fountain, the humidity increase will likely be confined to one room. If you want to increase the humidity throughout your house, a humidifier that attaches to your furnace may be the best way to go. Keeping your indoor tabletop water fountain clean and free of microorganisms and bacteria that can harm your overall health and well-being is also very important. Regularly changing the water in your water fountain is essential to protect your overall indoor environment.

Know the Causes of Humidity Inside Your House or Office

As with any source of running water out in the open, an indoor water fountain will increase the humidity levels in your home or office. You can also plant a lot of heavy vegetation around your home, decreasing airflow but keeping humidity levels high.

Bathrooms and laundry rooms are very humid in a home, especially if a clothes dryer is not ventilated well to the outside. Dry winter air and dry air caused by indoor heating result in low humidity, which can lead to various health issues.

The Effects of Humidity Indoors

The guide to go by when determining how much humidity you should have inside your house or office is that the levels should be between 30 and 60 percent at all times, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. You want to ensure that the humidity level inside your house is not increased too much because that can also be detrimental to your health, just like a lack of humidity is. This is because mold spores, fungus, and bacteria inside your home or office can grow if there's too much moisture. An indoor water fountain can increase the humidity level in the room in which it is placed without causing an overabundance of humidity.

Things to Consider When Adding a Water Feature for Humidity in Your Home or Office

You should consider many things when adding humidity to your home via an indoor water feature. You want to make your home healthier while also keeping it mold-free. To achieve this, you might place a dehumidifier inside your house if your water feature provides too much humidity. Relative humidity can be decreased if you run your air conditioner when it is hot outside or use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom areas.

You should monitor your indoor humidity levels daily to prevent mold growth and other harmful effects from too much humidity. You can measure your indoor humidity levels with a humidity meter, available at many stores, including hardware stores. If your humidity is too low, run a humidifier indoors or add another water feature. If it is too high, you will want to use a dehumidifier or a smaller water feature to give you the correct humidity you need in your home or office.

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